Order of the Praesidium

The school first founded by Draconia to combat the evil in the world this series of now four schools battle the forces of evil that would harm people of all nations. The first was in Draconia, the second was founded in Dirnavir the dwarven hive city, the third in the gnome city of Sunspire, and the last and newest in the Colonies of New Haven. Valishtar the Wise claims that it was the Rising Darkness that has sat waiting for the dark times for it to come again and claim the world that it once held in the clutches of fear. The newest school known as Hope brings the brightest minds to the and strongest spirits to its doors.

Braum, the Iron Wall- an exuberant, and friendly Goliath that refuses to carry a weapon only a colossal shield.

Sandra, the Bestial Fury- a female halfling with the powers to control nature itself

Latrell, the Dawn Guard- Hero of the war that led the raid the broke the siege of Mayashadin and struck the killing blow on the Ruined King. 

and Headmaster Doran- The former headmaster of Bastion the Draconian School

Order of the Praesidium

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