Why hello their traveler welcome to Moravia! Why such an astonished face? Did you just leave your farm town or something? It matters not young one for I have great news. 
The world of Moravia is doing magnificently well, magic and technology has moved most people out of the dark ages and into the ghostly blue light powered by Valmarian power crystals. 
Valmarian Crystals are a rather volatile energy source that came from the depths of the mages College of Winter Haven. Not to much is known what all they have been up to since but those silly spell slingers sure are brilliant.

   In the Dwarven foundry's of the Dwe'Navier home of the great Skyforges who have created many wonders have done it again their new creations are simply known as automatons (warforged) who just recently been declared living creature, soon they will be saying that undead have feelings. Regardless though brilliant with metals their creation of these fire arms seems rather brutish in comparison to those automatons. 


The Hobgoblin Empire has finally came out of their self imposed isolation and yet their traditional worship of their god emperor remains their willingness to prove they have not grown to passive since the days of the Golden Army reigning supreme over the Jade sea have unveiled the newest form of trade ship one that does not need the sea to travel that is right traveler they have brought us the gift of the sky ship.

    Not to be out done by the rest of the world the Orcish tribe's have put aside their differences and have united under one banner and have become a rather impressive political force. I however traveler am still not willing to trust them yet after all the decades of pillaging in the name of their old gods.


   The Empire of Mann is enjoying the prosperity to the fullest from the discovery of the Valmarian Crystals since they control its export and is enjoying the rich natural resources it has been gaining from its strangle hold in trade it has over the Colonies of New Haven. Talks of rebels amongst the lower classes their are uttered in private meetings only to be quelled by the representatives of parliament, hog wash. However seeing from your packed bags you must be heading to the Colonies your self. I recommend being careful. all walks of life are going their including those strange automatons. Also the dreaded pirate, Lord Robert the Red, has been seen raiding the trade routes between here and there
So come in to my shop young friend and come grab your supplies, for a grand world awaits you in the world of Moravia

Tales from Moravia

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